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Monday, April 20, 2009

Renewal of Malaysia international passport in the Malaysian High Commission, Singapore

Documents required (Application for adult)

1. Form IM.42 to be duly completed. Obtainable at Forms Counter or Immigration Department website: http://www.imi.gov.my/
a. *Please print on both side of an A4 paper
b. *Printing on two pieces of paper will not be accepted

2. 2 recent coloured passport-sized photograph - 3.5cm. x 5cm. with Blue background. Polaroid photo not acceptable. Proper attire is advisable (No sleeveless). Self-service photo taking machine is available at the High Commission.

(Note : although from their website stating only needs 2 pieces of recent coloured passport-sized photograph, but on the actual day, they requested me to paste an additional piece of the photo on the form that given by them at the moment I queue to obtain my queue number.)

3. Original & photocopy Malaysia Identity Card.

4. Original & photocopy of Singapore PR Identity Card / Employment Pass / Dependent Pass / ‘S’ Pass / Work Permit / Student Pass / Long Term Pass as proof of status in Singapore

(note : for item 3 & 4, would be advisable to photocopy the front and back on the same piece of paper.)

5. International or Restricted Passport

6. Applicants need to submit the application and collect the new passport personally.

OPENING HOURS – ( Monday – Friday)Submission : 8.00 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.
Collection : 2.30 p.m. - 4.15 p.m.
The High Commission are closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday (if the holiday falls on a weekend or a declared nationals public holiday for Malaysia or Singapore, it will be substituted by the following working day).

Passport is ready for collection within the same day.

Payable in SINGAPORE DOLLARS (CASH ONLY) and subject to exchange rate.

64 pages passport are not available at the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore.

32 pages: S$ 128.00 - Adult

32 pages: S$ 64.00 - Children below 12 years old


Will be given to Senior Citizen, Pregnant Woman and Disabled Person only.

Upon arriving the Malaysian High Comm, please proceed to the guard house to exchange for a pass, without a valid pass you are not allow to go in. However, you need to get ready other card with your picture and name such as your driving license, NTUC member card or etc. DO NOT give them your Malaysia or Singapore IC because both IC are essential documents for you to renew your passport. If you really do not have any card with you, they will accept credit card or ATM card to exchange for a pass.

For special group of people such as Senior Citizen, Pregnant Woman and Disabled Person, the guard house will normally issue you an “E” pass, whereas the rest would be “I” pass.

After you exchange for your pass, you need to walk to the side door, where the security guard will direct you to the office to renew passport. At the same time the security guard will request you to turn off your hand phone.

Once you get in, you will first have to go the first counter to obtain the Form IM.42, each copy will cost your S$0.50, however, you may save the hassle by downloading the form from their web-site namely http://www.imi.gov.my/ and complete the form before you go down to renew your passport. If you printed the form from their web-site, please DO NOT printed on two different sheets, they required the form to be printed front and back in ONE sheet.

The information to fill in the form is quite simple, such as your name, your new Malaysian ID number, your current home address (i.e your Singapore home address), your current passport number & etc. For photos please be reminded that the background is BLUE, however, there is a photo kiosk there for you to snap your photo, but again, you have to queue for it.

As long as you have your complete form you may proceed to another queue to get a queue number. Please be reminded that if you are those under special group of people, please tell the counter lady, she will give you a special queue number. The special queue number will have a privilege to ‘jump’ queue.

After you get your queue number, sit back and wait, not to worry as it is in the air-con room, and they serve the queue pretty fast! After finish processing your application, they will require you to proceed to another counter to make payment first and you may come back in the afternoon at 2.30pm to collect your new passport. Fees for renewing a 5 years passport as of today is SGD128. Please keep your queue number for the afternoon passport collection.

After collecting your new passport, for Singapore PR, you might need to go to the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA office in Lavender) to apply for your Re-entry permit transfer to your new passport. However, there is a you can now renew or transfer your Re-Entry Permit online via e-REP. Just go to http://www.ica.gov.sg/


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for taking the trouble to set out all the details. Very helpful and useful for people like me, as we go through this only once every 5 years =)

KC said...

Thanks a lot for the detail information. I was about to go Malaysia High Commission this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detail info. Just a couple of questions:

1) Is it necessary to complete the birth cert number? I couldn't locate mine.

2) Is the queue long on a Monday?


JS said...

Good Day,

Thanks for sharing your personal experience, very detail and very helpful indeed.

with blessing,

Anonymous said...

For Senior citizen:

1. Mention that you are a senior citizen to get a 'E' pass. While others queue at counter 10 for queue no., you can go straight to counter 11.

2. You can get the new passport at 10am (others have to collect their after 2:30pm).

I went there on 3Feb2010 at 8am, and got my new passport at 9:30am.
Some pointers:
1. Have your photo taken earlier elsewhere, there is always a long queue (about 30-40mins) if you want to take photo inside the HighCom office.
2. Check the HighCom website at: http://www.kln.gov.my/perwakilan/singapore for their holiday schedule, e.g. many came in vain on 1Feb, not knowing that it was their holiday.
3. The cheapest means to get there is to get to Orchard MRT, then board Bus 14 at Orchard Boulevard, get down at 4th stop, then the HighCom is 4min. walk away across the River Valley Road.

Anonymous said...

I had a bad experience. I went 3 times to get it done. FIrst time, 11th March 2010, I reached there at 8, and i didn't get a q number... they stopped at 160 and before me there were 50-60 heads... i was like the 200+ in that day's q..
2nd time i went, 18th March, they changed their system. Mon-thurs is renewing, friday is collection day. i reached at 7am, got afternoon queue (number 110). Hence I went to paragon's starbucks and wait for afetrnn to come. when i reach, we had to q again. after renewal, it was 4pm plus. They told us to come back on friday afternn for collection.
luckily Friay's collection was smoother, we got it at 3pm. But generally, the whole process is a painful one, i will never go back there again, i'd rather go back to JB to renew it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the information, it is very useful.

P/S you have 2 sweet angels!

Best regards,

williamwoo said...

Thank you for the info. It is so much more informative than what I could see on their official website.
Will be there tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Very informative and detail.
Ribuan terima kasih.

Shirley said...

Thanks for visiting my site!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your detail info. Really helpful and useful. Can we use Malaysia address instead of Singapore address for current address?

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